What the Students Say

"It has pictures that clearly demonstrate the technique that I need to do. It has clear step-by-step procedure. "

-Senior, Environmental Science major

"REActivities makes you take your time with the lab. You can’t just speed through it without stopping to answer questions and process what is actually taking place in the lab. It asks more compelling questions. They make me think more deeply about the actual science. "

-Sophomore, Chemical Engineering major

"REActivities can be more challenging than other labs but it is definitely more rewarding in the end because the concept is understood."

-Sophomore, Biomedical Sciences major

"The questions lead you to actually learn what you're doing rather than just preform a procedure. Interesting and unique way to teach lab. "

-Sophomore, Biomedical Sciences major

"I do like the fact that you get to do each technique twice, once as practice, then once as the real experiment. I like that the first time I try a new technique does not have to be perfect and it gives me a chance to figure out what I'm doing before the real deal that counts."

-Sophomore, Biomedical Engineering major

"There was more interactive questions along the way compared to just doing a procedure and getting data. "

-Sophomore, Chemical Engineer major

"I like the questions and graphics that guide you through the experiment. "

-Sophomore, Biomedical Sciences major

"The instructions try to make the concepts easier and include diagrams/scenarios to help students understand challenging ideas like polarity. "

-Sophomore, Chemistry major

"Some examples in the book really helped make the concepts make sense (the polar bears for example)."

-Junior, Biomedical Sciences major

"I like the self dependancy with this."

-Sophomore, Applied Math major

"I like that REActivities provides a guided learning experience whereas in my past lab experiences, you just come in and follow directions not really learning what's going on. "

-Sophomore Biology/Spanish major

"The REActivities lab book was enjoyable to use. The "rookie mistake" tidbits were also helpful to us on occasion."

-Junior, Biomedical Sciences

"I think there is a good balance of challenge and ease. I feel more independent while doing them, which can be slightly more challenging. In General Chem Lab, the instructor walked us through what we had to do before the lab, whereas in the Reactivates lab, we told to do it first and then ask if we need help. "

-Sophomore, Biology major

"I found it harder to answer some of the questions as the lab was being completed but I was able to ask questions and figure everything out. Overall it was one of the best lab experiences I have had in the lab-based classes that I have taken."

-Sophomore, Biomedical Engineering major

Contact Information:

Christina Goudreau Collison



The REActivities team is grateful for the generous support of the National Science Foundation,Rochester Institute of Technology, and Monroe Community College.