REActivities: Organic Chemistry Lab Workbook

(Second Edition)

Authors: Goudreau Collison, Cody, Anderson, Edelbach

252 Pages (shrink-wrapped loose-leaf pages with three-hole punch)

ISBN: 978-1-59399-642-0

Price: $52.86 suggested retail

NEW! Instructor Training / Virtual Resources

If you are looking for resources that will,

  • Help prepare lab instructors

  • Augment the lab material delivered face-to-face

  • Allow for easy transition to online learning lab instruction if necessary

REACtivities has got you covered. Now available for each wet lab are accompanying Virtual Lab Videos for the students and/or instructors to watch and follow along.

REActivites To Try

First Day of Lab

Column Chromato-graphy



Mechanisms and your Hands

Data Analysis

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Christina Goudreau Collison



The REActivities team is grateful for the generous support of the National Science Foundation,Rochester Institute of Technology, and Monroe Community College.