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Accompanying Videos

If you are looking for resources that will,

  • Help prepare lab instructors

  • Augment the lab material delivered face-to-face

  • Allow for easy transition to online learning lab instruction if necessary

REActivities has got you covered. Available for each wet lab are accompanying videos for the students and/or instructors to watch and follow along. You can check out our videos here or visit our YouTube channel and watch them as a playlist.

Thin Layer Chromatography

TLC Practice 1

TLC Practice 2

Calculating an Rf

TLC Experiment

Column Chromatography

Column Practice

Column Experiment

Melting Point / Recrystallization

MP/Recrystallization Practice 1

MP/Recrystallization Practice 2

MP/Recrystallization Practice 3

MP/Recrystallization Experiment

Solvent Pair Recrystallization

Solvent Pair Practice 1

Solvent Pair Practice 2

Solvent Pair Solubility Tests

Solvent Pair Experiment


Distillation Practice

Simple Distillation Experiment

Fractional Distillation Experiment


Extraction Practice

Extraction Experiment Part 1

Extraction Experiment Part 2


Substitution Experiment 1

Substitution Experiment 2 (SN2)

Substitution Experiment 3 (SN1)


Bromination Setup and Reaction

Bromination Workup and Data Collection


Elimination Setup and Reaction

Elimination Workup and Data Collection

NEW! Electrophilic Aromatic Substitution

Nitration Setup and Reaction

Nitration Workup and Data Collection

Nitration of Benzaldehyde_final.pdf

NEW! REActivity

Since this REActivity is not currently published in the workbook, you can find it here. Print it out or have it open and follow along!

TEMPO Oxidation

TEMPO Oxidation Setup and Reaction

TEMPO Oxidation Workup and Data Collection

Wittig Reaction

Wittig Setup and Reaction

Wittig Workup

Wittig Data Collection


Saponification Setup and Reaction

Saponification Workup and Data Collection

Perkins Reaction (Aldol Condensation)

Perkin Reaction Setup and Reaction

Perkin Reaction Workup and Data Collection

Other REActivites To Try

First Day of Lab

Column Chromato-graphy



Mechanisms and your Hands

Data Analysis

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