Reformed Experimental Activities (REActivities) is a guided-inquiry lab pedagogy that transforms the commonplace 3- and 4-hour organic lab periods into powerful lab experiences dedicated to enhancing student engagement, analyzing observations, and honing lab skills with minimal lab instructor training. Improving student performance in organic chemistry and enhancing student confidence relative to organic lab skills were central to the creation of these lab materials. Students will be guided through a continuous cycle of observation, reasoning, and experiment. Read more about what makes REActivities unique.

If you are looking for resources that will help prepare lab instructors and/or augment the lab materials delivered to students as a pre-lab activity, or even need to assign a lab virtually to a student, REActivities has got you covered. Now available for each wet lab are accompanying videos for the students or newbie instructor to watch and follow along.

American Sign Language (ASL) has the unique advantage of taking complex concepts and compacting them into a single sign or simple narrative. Our work has led to the creation, implementation, and evaluation of using these chemistry signs and expansions to augment the learning environment when being introduced to electron pushing mechanisms and transition state modeling.

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Dr. Tina Goudreau Collison

Professor of Chemistry

Rochester Institute of Technology


The REActivities team is grateful for the generous support of the National Science Foundation, Rochester Institute of Technology, and Monroe Community College.